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Olgiata Casa

Olgiata Casa di Alessandro Ippolito iscritto al ruolo degli Agenti di Affari in Mediazione al numero 7049-1
Via Anton Giulio Bragaglia, 23
00123 Olgiata (Roma)

Capena Casa
Via Morlupo, 41/a
00060 Capena (Roma)

Olgiata Casa real estate is an independent real estate company in Olgiata Rome. Olgiata Casa was founded in 1996 in Rome and continues to be locally owned and operated. Driven by the needs of our customers,we provide a professional environment and innovative real estate products like virtual tours and services to our customers and clients. Olgiata condominium is a fenced and 24 h garded residential compound encompassing more than 600 hectars with golf club of 27 holes,one horse riding club and country club with indoor field;tennis club;swimming pool and restaurants. It consists mainly of family houses surrounded by wide private green areas, sometimes with swimming pools. You will find apartments buildings here as well.
It is very convenient for families with children as it feels protected with almost no car traffic around and because it is well overseen. In these compounds you can live isolated within nature.The area is relatively close to major International Schools (St.George's school,Irish school,American overseas school,Villa Saint Dominique) and shopping centers.