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In addition to the competence and professionalism that has distinguished us for more than 20 years, we have the opportunity to advertise your property by making the most of its potential

In a completely innovative way we have the opportunity to enhance your property published on our completely renovated site:

  • up to twenty generic perspectives of the property
  • highlighting with 10 squares the most interesting details (floors, ceramics, bathrooms, accessories etc)
  • by inserting the cadastral plans for a real vision of the spaces
  • the A.p.e. certificate and tax values ​​for greater clarity
  • the calculation of a hypothetical mortgage installment based on the most favorable rates of the moment to facilitate the sale
  • the possibility for the owner to receive comments directly from customers who have seen his home (feedback)

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The subsidy consists of a deduction from IRPEF or IRES and is granted when interventions are carried out that increase the level of energy efficiency of existing buildings. In general, deductions are...

Covid clause in rental agreements.

Whether it is called a Covid clause or a safeguard or force majeure clause, it matters little, what matters is to include it in the lease agreement before it is drawn up. But what exactly does it...

what a surprise!

The Olgiata market has been reborn. The demand for villas with gardens is growing, especially terraced houses or portions of villas up to 600,000 euros and more. For years, demand within the district...