In the main capitals there are still increases starting from 3.6% in Milan, which leads the increases ahead of Florence (2.2%), Bologna (1.8%), Venice (0.5%) and Rome (0 , 4%). Turin is stable compared to three months ago, while Palermo (-1.2%) and Naples (-1.5%) are down. On the other hand, the major downside indices of the quarter are in Isernia (-5.9%), Campobasso (-5.8%) and Andria (-5.1%). As for prices, Milan is once again the most expensive city in Italy (4,828 euros / m2), stealing the top in Venice, now second in the ranking with 4,419 euros / m2. Third is Bolzano with € 4,402, followed by Florence (€ 3,994 / m2). Rome (€ 3008 / m2) is the sixth city with the highest prices, Naples (€ 2,348 / m2) is only sixteenth. In the lower part of the ranking, the last one is Biella, the cheapest capital to buy a house, with a price of 697 euros.