While the Italian real estate market does not seem threatened by the uncertainty generated by inflation, rising mortgage rates and the geopolitical situation, the repercussions of these situations may not be long in coming. Here then is that prepared and attentive consultants become essential to guide home buyers in their choice. The face to face of idealista / news with Giampaolo Marcoz, president of the Council of Notariats of the European Union. “The real estate situation in the light of rising rates, inflation and uncertainty is difficult,” Marcoz admits. "Transactions have not suffered drops but the increase in interest rates certainly complicates things for the banking system, especially with regard to fixed rates". So what to do to prevent Italian families from being overwhelmed by doubts? "To help families, consulting is essential, - says Marcoz, - and notaries are available to help make the best choices and protect assets". What impacts can be expected from the tax and land registry reform? "The tax reform should have no impact because it does not affect direct taxes or donation and inheritance taxes," replies Marcoz. As for the reform of the land registry, it is still a question mark: it will be necessary to see what choices will eventually be adopted, especially in light of the current political situation in Italy.